A Huge Change I Had to Make at Holy Cross

Who would’ve thought that midterms would’ve been so hard. Coming from high school, I was so used to it all being easier than here, so I never studied that much. However, I got multiple wake up calls, and I’m glad I did because it made me realize that I’m doing so much wrong, but I can change.

Studying and Time Management

Studying is something that I don’t really know how to do yet, and that may sound odd but it’s true. I would always review a day or two before an exam in high school and I’d be okay, but here it doesn’t work anymore. There’s just so much material in a shorter time, meaning more to remember and learn. I didn’t realize this until midterm season, when I got my first couple of grades back. They were tough to take in, but I knew that it was time to change. I figured it’s better to learn it now than later on so I won’t be surprised later on. I immediately sought out for help, talking to all my professors and advisors, and I still wouldn’t completely listen. It came to a point where it was time to stop being stubborn and listen, and once I did adapt some of their advice, a lot was improving. I started my work earlier and ended earlier and was able to ask questions in office hours. I’m glad that even though I learned this after a couple of not so great grades, I learned it early in my college career. This is something I never thought I’d experience, but that’s how life is and I just have to go along with it.

Photo of a meme that says, “Midterms? Challenge Accepted”